90 Degree Self Closing Gate Mechanism

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Specifically designed for pedestrian and bridle gates opening one way only and suitable for 150 x 150mm gates posts or larger.

Supplied as a complete kit comprising of offset double strap and lower adjustable hinge eye and post hinge hooks. Also included are all the necessary fixings to assemble the kit.

Our specialised fittings are designed to allow timber gates to be opened easily from both side and to self close. We also supply traditional fittings but we think they limit access to rights of way.

Self closing gates are generally desirable on rights of way and we recommend offset hinges. They are virtually maintenance free and the gate closes every time. When gates are correctly installed using our fittings they will close even from 2” away. We have tested other traditional methods using weights and springs but think they are unsatisfactory. Springs usually fail after a shorttime in use and weights can pose a potential safety hazard to RoW users.

  • BF B102 4012 10 - 90 DEGREE KIT £54.00

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