Aston 1-Way

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Our range of pedestrian and mobility access gates are designed to offer a variety of options depending upon the application.

Where possible, we would always recommend a two-way gate due to its user friendly nature for all kinds of pedestrians. The ability to open the gate in a forwards movement no matter which direction you approach the gate is particularly beneficial for mobility vehicles as it alleviates the need for any awkward maneuvering to pass through the access gate. However, if it is a one-way gate you are looking for, we are able to offer most of our two-way gates as a one-way gate.

Where the gate resides on a boundary fence containing stock, the gates can be made to be self-closing from both or just one side.

The Aston 1-Way is a self-closing gate system comprising of a 1143mm x 1500mm timber gate leaf with timber posts.

Key features:

  • Our latest design is designed for strength and durability. The addition of two larger bottom rails makes the gate more suitable for mobility vehicles
  • The gate can be open both forwards and backwards
  • When in the closed position, the gate is secured using an Easy Latch with Trombone Handle
  • The gate will automatically close from fully open
  • Installed height 1200mm, installed width 1500mm
  • Gate leaf: 1200mm high x 1200mm wide
  • At an extra cost, a stock proof handle is available to replace the Easy Latch as well as a gate stop for the hinge system to ensure the gate closes
  • Supplied as standard with a timber gate leaf, two 150mm x 150mm timber posts, 2 way Easy Latch with Trombone Handle and a 180 degree hinge kit

Product Guide

  • Access for pedestrians
  • Access for pedestrians w/ dogs
  • Access for medium mobility vehicles
  • Access for large mobility vehicles

Product Details

  • OVERALL HEIGHT - 1200mm
  • OVERALL WIDTH - overall post to post 1500mm
  • GATE LEAF - 1200mm

Options Available

Stock proof handle - Additional cost

  • F010 0110 01 - GATE KIT COMPLETE- £284.00

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