Denstone 1 Way

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The Denstone gate offers all the pleasing aesthetic benefits of a timber gate especially when installed in more rural locations but includes all the benefits of a durable steel H Frame. When the gate is installed in a line of post and rail fence the galvanised posts visually blend in.

The galvanised H Frame will ensure a considerably longer life for the posts and the gate will always remain in correct alignment to further ensure reliability of the offset self closing hinges.

In years to come instead of having to replace both the posts and gate, only a new gate would be needed to be bolted to the hinges rather than having to knock out old posts as well. This has the benefit of less labour and material required to renew a gate so therefore is much cheaper to maintain in the longer term.

Product Guide

  • Access for pedestrians
  • Access for pedestrians w/ dogs
  • Access for horse riders
  • Access for medium mobility vehicles
  • Access for large mobility vehicles
  • Complies with BS5709:2018 specs

Product Details

  • 1200mm Wide Gate
  • Installed Height - 1200mm
  • Overall Post to Post - 1500mm
  • Gate Leaf - 1200mm wide x 1200mm high
  • 1600mm Wide Gate
  • Installed Height - 1200mm
  • Overall Post to Post - 1900mm
  • Gate Leaf - 1600mm wide x 1200mm high

Options Available

A stockproof handle is available to replace the normal easylatch extra £34.00

  • LE F010 2000 00 1 Way - 1200mm wide - £492.00
  • LE F010 2000 00 2 Way - 1600mm wide - £508.00

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