EASY LATCH for 2 Way Gate

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The EASY LATCH mechanism can also be used on gates where a two way opening is required. The standard EASY LATCH kit is used together with a two-way self locking catch assembly and curved guide plate. As with the standard EASY LATCH kit, there are three handle options.

Our specialised latches operate in conjunction with the self closing gate systems and are designed to be easily accessible for all users. They can be operated from both sides of the gate and are accessible at different heights to accommodate disabled ramblers, pedestrians and horse riders. These latches can also be used to upgrade on existing gates.

The EASY LATCH is supplied with either Straight, Trombone or Stockproof handles. Straight handles were the original design and are still preferred by some horse riders. Trombone handles were developed to provide the easiest operation for all users particularly with mobility vehicles. Stockproof handles are more difficult for mobility vehicle users but provide greater stock security where horses or cattle are kept.

The EASY LATCH is designed to fit onto either the 2nd or 3rd rail of a gate depending on the height preference or spacing of the rails.

As part of the revisions to improve gate accessibility you will note that the latch and catch parts of a gate that need to be operated in order to open it are now painted RAL 1021 Yellow. This colour shade is used to assist in identifying which parts are used to open a gate (especially useful for people that are visually impaired) and also show the options to open the gate using either the handle or being able to lift the auto latch pawl instead.

  • XX F010 0301 06 - STRAIGHT HANDLE £89.00
  • XX F010 0301 07 - TROMBONE HANDLE £94.00
  • XX F010 0301 08 - STOCKPROOF HANDLE £114.00

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