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We are sometimes asked if we can supply the following items.

Marlow Gates (goes with Woodstock kissing gates)
Gate only
1.0m – £128.00 each c/w eyebolt/cone nuts
1.2m – £139.00 each c/w eyebolt/cone nuts
1.2m – £157.00 each c/w radlock/eyebolt/cone nuts – self closing

Locking Bar (for Large Woodstocks) – £12.50each

Bolt and cone set (set of 4 ) – £5.00

Super hooks to bolt – £13.50each

Self locking gate catch on box section – £13.50 each

Adjustable hooks on plates (as in 90 degree self closing hinge kits) – £13.50 each

20mm cone nuts (provide additional security on steel gates) – £2.80 each

20mm eye bolts for field gates – £2.00each

Radar Padlock – £38.00

Butterfly Keys – £5.00 each

Brackets for Dogway – £2.90 each

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