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Recycled plastic sleepers can be used in a variety of situations.

Here (see picture) they were used as bearers for a 200m boardwalk that was constructed in both timber and recycled plastics.

The ground was relatively stable but prone to flooding, they were an ideal way to get a stable, waterproof platform that raised the structure above the flood line.

Recycled Plastic offers unrivalled value for money where outdoor furniture is needed. Our comprehensive range of Picnic Tables, Seats, Benches and Bollards are ideal for use in a wide variety of locations such as schools, parks and practically any other leisure facilities.

RCP is a tough, vandal resistant, virtually maintenance free and splinter proof alternative to timber. You have the additional benefits of lowering the whole life cost of your scheme whilst more importantly, reducing the carbon footprint of your project. Recycled Plastic sleepers have a variety of uses – suitable for horse stiles, landscaping projects and boardwalks to name a few.

Product Details

  • LENGTH - 2800MM
  • WIDTH - 240MM
  • DEPTH - 160MM
  • LE F010 2071 06 - 240mm WIDE X 160mm DEEP X 2800mm LONG SLEEPER - £109.00

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