Woodstock – Large Mobility

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Galvanised steel hoops, Marlow heavy duty galvanised meshed gate with integral H-Frame posts, self closing gate system and RADLOCK latch system, auto latch.

The heavy duty kissing gate is stockproof in both directions. A non self closing gate is available if stock is not involved. The gate operates in two modes (A) as a kissing gate. (B) with release of the sliding latch by use of a RADAR key the gate maybe opened beyond the normal closing point allowing large mobility vehicles and some path maintenance equipment to pass through. The design inhibits the passage of motorbikes.

Product Guide

  • Access for pedestrians
  • Access for pedestrians w/ dogs
  • Access for medium mobility vehicles
  • Access for large mobility vehicles
  • Access for mobility vehicles w/radar key
  • Complies with BS5709:2006 specs

Options Available

Available as Galvanised only finish or Polyester Powder Coated in Moss Green or Black

Non self closing gate is available,made to order at a discount of - £10.00

Opp handed Version is available, made to order for an additional - £20.00

  • XX F010 0215 26 - GALVANISED ONLY - £366.00
  • XX F010 3215 26 - GALVANISED + PPC GREEN - £459.00
  • XX F010 0215 27 - GALVANISED ONLY - £413.00
  • XX F010 3215 27 - GALVANISED + PPC GREEN - £504.00

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