York 2-in-1

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2-in-1 Gates are designed to incorporate a pedestrian gate into a field gate, allowing pedestrians unlimited access to the right of way and vehicles access when required. This can be particularly useful in spaces where there is not enough room for a field gate and a pedestrian gate.

The York 2-in -1 Gate is designed to allow vehicles and pedestrians access to a right of way by utilising two galvanised gates. The larger of the two gates can be locked to prevent vehicular access when not required, whilst the bridle gate remains accessible to pedestrians, equestrians and mobility users.

Key features:

  • Bridle gate is available as a one or two-way gate
  • Galvanised gates offers the product longevity in even the most rural of locations
  • When in the closed position, the bridle gate is secured using an Easy Latch
  • The bridle gate will automatically close from fully open
  • A heavy duty drop bolt between the bridle gate and main gate secures and locks the two gates in place
  • The complete gate unit will open as one when required
  • Bridle gate leaf: 1525mm wide
  • Installed height 1200mm, installed width 3600mm
  • Can be hung via steel or timber posts
  • For an additional cost, the opposite handed version can be made to order
  • For an additional cost, bespoke lengths are also available to order

Product Guide

  • Access for pedestrians
  • Access for pedestrians w/ dogs
  • Access for horse riders
  • Access for medium mobility vehicles
  • Access for large mobility vehicles

Options Available

A stockproof handle is available to replace the normal easylatch straight handle for an extra cost

  • F010 2040 21 - 3600MM GATE- £360.00
  • F010 2040 21 - 3600MM GATE- £429.00
  • F010 2075 10 - 139MM HANG POST- £115.00
  • F010 2080 52 - 100 X 100 2W SLAM POST- £137.00
  • F010 2080 53 - 100 X 100 1W SLAM POST- £120.00
  • F010 0101 24 - 175 X 175 TIMBER POST
  • If you order the timber post the following fitting will need ordering: hook to bolt. Hook to drive. 2 way catch (for 2W option gates). Self locking gate catch (for 1W option gates).

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