York 2 in 1

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Both pedestrian and bridle gate handles are provided. They are interchangeable.

Galvanised tubular steel field gate in two sections. The main section can be locked with a heavy duty drop bolt to prevent unwanted vehicle access while the section allowing public access is free to open. The complete gate as one unit will open as required.

As part of the revisions to improve gate accessibility you will note that the latch and catch parts of a gate that need to be operated in order to open it are now painted RAL 1021 Yellow. This colour shade is used to assist in identifying which parts are used to open a gate (especially useful for people that are visually impaired) and also show the options to open the gate using either the handle or being able to lift the auto latch pawl instead.

Field gate installed height 1200mm. Overall width of main section includes the width of the public access section also. Width of public access section 1525mm. This design has been developed from the highly successful BRISTOL TWO IN ONE gate where access for all is required. The public access gate can be one way or two way opening and is self closing.

Product Guide

  • Access for pedestrians
  • Access for pedestrians w/ dogs
  • Access for horse riders
  • Access for medium mobility vehicles
  • Access for large mobility vehicles

Options Available

A stockproof handle is available to replace the normal easylatch straight handle for an extra - £22.00

  • XX F010 2040 21 - 3600mm GATE - £360.00
  • XX F010 2040 21 - 3600mm GATE - £429.00
  • LE F010 2075 10 - 139MM HANG POST - £115.00
  • LE F010 2080 52 - 100 X 100 2W SLAM POST - £137.00
  • LE F010 2080 53 - 100 X 100 1W SLAM POST - £120.00
  • BF F010 0101 24 - 175 X 175 TIMBER POST - £40.00
  • If you order the timber post the following fitting will need ordering: hook to bolt - £9.00. Hook to drive - £4.50. 2 way catch (for 2W option gates) - £43.00. self locking gate catch (for 1W option gates) - £10.00

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